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Welcome to First Cry food, an online portal where you can find healthy, ketogenic recipes for your child. We’ll help you decide the best food recipes for your baby(ies).


This website is managed by me, Savita Thakur – a father to a cute little boy – and an IT professional currently living in India. Our aim is to help parents in providing healthy recipes to their kids.


Parents often find it difficult to track down nutrition for their children. Most parents aren’t well aware of nutrition and hence find it difficult to offer the best nutrition for their children, despite dearly wanting to do so. First Cry food acknowledges this fact and serves as the go-to website for parents who wish to offer the best nutrition for their young children.

First Cry food is still in the early phase of development. As such, many of our features available as of now are experimental that might or might not appear in future versions of the website. All suggestions and tips for making the website more helpful are sincerely welcome.


How We Generate Revenue?

We use affiliate marketing on our website. This allows us to suggest ingredients that are suitable depending on the recipe you’re viewing. We earn commission from qualifying purchases.

Throughout the website, we use advertisements for generating revenue. We try to keep it as simple and minimum as possible to save you from bothering while allowing ourselves to sustain the website.


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We use your personal information to verify your authenticity as genuine human users and in no way sell this information to advertisers or third-parties in any shape or form for any gains or profits.