Carb Free Cottage Pie, Easy & Quick Healthy. Firstcry food

Carb Free Cottage Pie is such a delicious and tasty traditional beef mince pie. Keto Cottage Pie Recipe is topped with mashed potatoes and garden peas. you also test meat pie. The creamy beef and mashed potato dish are cooked until golden brown! Found a new recipe for Steamed Coconut Idli   or  PROTEIN BALLS RECIPE

It is one of the comfort pot pie foods that bring a smile to everyone’s face! It is 100% easy to make and is freezer-friendly. The filling of the beef is so deep and savoury, with people enjoying it every bit. When the creamy BBC pie  mashed potato is served on top, it will definitely make you feel hungry  recipes for cottage pie

Ingredients used for keto cottage pie recipe

1. Olive Oil: 3 tbsp
2. Beef Mince: 1 ¼ kg
3. Onions, two finely chopped
4. Carrots: 3 chopped
5. Celery sticks: 3, finely chopped
6. Garlic: 2, finely chopped
7. Plain flour: 3 tbsp
8. Tomato puree: 1 tbsp
9. Worcestershire Sauce: 4 tbsp
10. Thyme: Few sprigs
11. Bay leaves: 2
12. Red wine, optional

For the mashed filling for meat pie

1. Potatoes: 2 kg, mashed
2. Milk: 225 ml
3. Butter: 25g
4. Cheddar: Strong, 200g and grated
5. Nutmeg: Freshly grated

Preparation Time:35 minutes
Cooking time: 1 hour and 45 minutes
Servings: 10

Procedure: for Carb Free Cottage Pie

1. Firstly take a saucepan and heat 1 tbsp olive oil in it. Fry about one ¼ kg of minced beef until it becomes brown. This can be done in batches to get the proper brown colour.

2. Take another pan and put 2 tbsp olive oil in it. Further, add finely chopped onions, celery sticks, carrots and cook for about 20 minutes. The heat should be on gentle terms.

3. In the mixture, add chopped garlic cloves, tomato puree, and plain flour. While doing this, increase the heat and then cook for a few minutes. Bring the beef to the pan.

4. Pour red wine if you need it, and then reduce it to a boil. Add there beef stock, Worcestershire sauce, thyme leaves, and bay leaves.

5. Bring the sauce to a simmer and cook it uncovered for about 45 minutes. The gravy should be thick enough to be the coating. If there is too much liquid in the gravy, boil it to reduce the water content. Season it well with bay and thyme leaves.

6. In the meantime, make the mashed potato. Take a large saucepan, and put potatoes in it that have been peeled. Put salt in the water and then bring it to a boil and simmer.

7. Drain the water well and then put it on steam for about 2-5 minutes. Likewise, take the milk and mash the potatoes using butter. Take cheddar cheese and season it freshly with nutmeg.

8. Cover the mash adequately while you sprinkle the remaining cheese.

9. Heat the oven to 220C and cook for about 25 minutes until it is golden brown.

10. If you are using a slow cooker, first mince the meat in batches and stir the vegetables. Cook all the items together for about 4 to 5 hours. Season the pie with herbs.

Freeze the pie overnight so that it is completely cold when served. You can then put it in the oven to cook until golden brown.

Nutritional Values for Carb Free Cottage Pie
1. Fats: 34g
2. Carbs: 40g
3. Fiber: 4g
4. Proteins: 37 g

For getting smooth mash, it’s best to use a potato ricer. creamie pie  Let the meat cool before topping the same with mashed potato. For the crispy golden colour, grill it just minutes before serving.

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