Keto Nacho Egg Rolls Recipe, 100% Easy & Low Carb Meal

 Keto Nacho Egg Rolls Recipe. You won’t believe how awesome the keto diet really is. I made these low-carb versions of Keto Nacho Rolls last night.

These Egg Roll Nachos are amazingly delicious and you will fully enjoy them! Have you ever tried these? Amazing!

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If you like egg rolls, this is amazing. Keto friendly. It is so fun and easy to make. My son said he wanted to try egg rolls, so I made him my special recipe. He loved them!

Ingredients required for Keto Nacho Egg Rolls Recipe

    1 lb. – Ground Turkey Breast (use whatever ground meat you like)

    1/2 Head – Cabbage (sliced thin)

    1 – Yellow onion (diced)

   1 – Bell Pepper (diced)

   OneCup – Black Beans (drained and rinsed)

   1 cup – of Mexican Blend Cheese

   2 Packs – Egg Roll Wrappers

   1 TBS – Pickled Jalapeno (or 1 whole fresh diced)

  1/2 tsp. – Salt

  1 tsp. – Black Pepper

  1 TBS – Chilli Powder

  One tsp. – Cumin

  1 tsp. – Granulated Onion

  1 tsp. – Granulated Garlic

  One TBS – Olive Oil

  1 Egg – Beaten

  Oil for deep frying

How to prepare Keto Nacho Egg Rolls Recipe

1    Take a skillet over medium-high heat and add oil to it.

2   When heated up the oil add chilli powder, salt, cumin, chopped onion, garlic paste, and chopped cabbage and cook it for 10 minutes till it cooks well.

3    Then add black beans, bell pepper and jalapeno to it. And cook it well till they begin to sweat.

4   Then remove this mixture from the skillet and use a paper towel to cool and dry.

5   When the mixture is cooled well add cheese to it.

6   Now together stack two egg rolls and place two tablespoons of mixture into the center.

7   Brush the corners with a beaten egg.

8   Roll the egg rolls as much as you can.

9   Deep fry for one to two minutes from both sides.

10  Drain on a wire rack to keep them crispy!

 Nutritional Information for Keto Nacho Egg Rolls Recipe

Calories. 140 kCal · Total Carbs. 204 g. Net Carbs. 22 g. Fiber. 2 g.

Starch. – Sugar. 7 g. Sugar Alcohols. – · Protein. 3 g · Fat. 4 g.




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