Keto Spicy Alfredo Wings, Easy & Quick Homemade Chicken Wings

Keto Spicy Alfredo Wings. My goodness yummy Keto Alfredo Chicken Wings. The Keto diet is easier, and more pliable and has shown, when combined with average exercise, to be effective over the long term.

You can drizzle it with lemon butter and parsley. I do not why but I have enjoyed making this Alfredo Chicken Wings Recipe. Try it today and leave me your reviews in the comments.

This Chicken Alfredo Wings recipe is so tasty and so darn easy to make! Today I am introducing my new appetizers Keto Alfredo chicken wings and my stuffed shrimp.

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Ingredients required for Keto Spicy Alfredo Wings:

8 chicken wings, tips removed, remaining wing cut into two sections

olive oil spray

salt and black pepper

For the sauce Keto Spicy Alfredo Wings

1 tbsp unsalted butter

⅓ cup heavy cream

¼ cup shredded Parmesan

salt and pepper

chopped fresh parsley leaves, to garnish

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How to prepare Keto Alfredo Chicken Wings:

1     Firstly we have to preheat our oven to 200C.

2    Then take a baking tray and add a silicone mat to it and grease it with melted butter and place wings in it and season it with salt and black pepper.

3    Then bake the wings for 30 to 35 minutes till it is cooked well.

4    Then we have to prepare the sauce.

5    Take a small saucepan over medium-high heat and melt the butter.

6    Then add heavy cream and shredded parmesan and season it with salt and pepper and whisk well.

7    Now we have to place cooked wings in a bowl and pour the sauce on the top.

8    Serve it with fresh parsley leaves.

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Nutritional Information for Keto Spicy Alfredo Wings:

Calories 663/ Total Fat 54g/ Saturated Fat 23g/ Cholesterol 226mg

Sodium 356mg/Carbohydrates 1g/Net Carbohydrates 1g/ Fibre 0g/ Protein 40g


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