Low Carb Coconut Pie, 100% Unique & Easy Recipe

Low Carb Coconut Pie. This Keto Coconut Cream Pie Recipe is so good. This Coconut Keto Pie recipe is perfect for any party. Need another holiday dessert idea? Keto coconut cream pie. I tried this! It is amazing! This pie is astounding. My grandma would have called it scandalously good.

Thanks so much for developing this recipe. It really hit the spot for me. Hey keto friends! I just made an excellent coconut cream pie! Thought I would share it here. It is lower in carbs than and just as delicious as ever.


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Ingredients required for LowCarb Coconut Pie


1cup heavy cream

1cup coconut cream


1egg yolk

⅔cup powdered swerve sweetener

Pinch salt

2tablespoon butter

1teaspoon coconut extract

½ teaspoon vanilla

¼teaspoon xanthan gum or glucomannan

¾cup shredded unsweetened coconut

1almond flour pie crust Pre-baked

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Topping: Low Carb Coconut Pie

⅔cup heavy whipping cream

¼cup powdered swerve sweetener

½teaspoon vanilla extract or coconut extract

¼cup shredded or flaked unsweetened coconut lightly toasted

How to prepare Low Carb Coconut Pie


Take a saucepan over medium-high heat and add heavy cream and coconut cream and cook it in simmering flame.

1    Take a bowl and add beaten eggs, egg yolks, powdered sweetener and a pinch of salt in it and stir well.

2    Then we have to add half of the hot cream and whisk it to temper the eggs.

3   Then slowly whisk the tempered egg mixture into the pan of hot cream.

4   Cook it for another 4 to 5 minutes and whisk it continuously till the mixture begins to thicken.

5   Then remove it from heat and whisk in butter, coconut extract and vanilla extract and mix it well till well combined.

6   Then pour this mixture into the baked pie crust and spread to the edges.

7   Refrigerate it for at least 2 to 3 hours.

Topping: Low Carb Coconut Pie

1.  Take a large bowl and add whipping cream in it and add sweetener and vanilla in it and whisk it well till well combined.

2.  Spread it over the top of the chilled pie and sprinkle with toasted flaked coconut.

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Nutritional Information for Low Carb Coconut Pie

Calories 365, Calories from Fat 315

% Daily Value*

Fat 35g54%

Carbohydrates 6.4g2%

Fibre 2.2g9%

Protein 5.4g11%






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