Are you having apples, oats, and peanut butter? By whipping up these cute little Apple and Oat Bliss Balls, you are about to impress everyone in your home. We love to love recipes like this that have no strange ingredients, just stuff that is probably right now in your kitchen.

So get your snack week sorted with this simple recipe of five ingredients that the kids will love too.

This recipe for Oats and Apples Bliss Balls is a must try when fall is rolling around and you are looking for a great snack. These energy balls are made with fresh apples, sweet cinnamon, and crunchy walnuts, a bite full of autumn flavors.



(1) 1 Apple, cored and chopped
(2) 3 Medjool Dates, Pitted
(3) 100g rolled oats (1 cup)
(4) Walnuts 90g (1 cup)
(5) Desiccated coconut with 25g (1/3 cup)

(6) 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
(7) 1 teaspoon extract of vanilla
(8) Coconut desiccated for rolling
(9) 1 teaspoon peanut butter
(10) ¼ cups of Sultanas
(11) 1 tablespoon Chia seeds


 It is best kept in an airtight container in the fridge or freezer. This way these bliss balls
can stay fresh and yummy for 4 days.

 Soak the dates in hot water for five minutes to soften them and make them easier to
blend, if the dates are too hard to blend.

 Add additional oats to the mixture if the energy ball mixture is too wet. If it is too dry, one
tablespoon at a time, add a little water until the desired consistency is achieved.

 If you are worried about the browning of the apple, before mixing it with the rest of the
mixture, you can always sprits the chopped apple with a bit of lemon juice. That ought to
be doing the trick!

 Chop about 1/4 of an inch of the apple into tiny chunks. We don't want unnecessarily big
chunks of apple, as the energy ball will overtake them. Alternatively, we want tiny pieces
of apple scattered over each bite.


(1) Peel and slice the apples and cut them into pieces.

(2) Set to cool aside.

(3) Optional step: Roast the oats and walnuts over medium heat until the oats and other
nuts start to turn golden. To prevent them from burning, be sure to keep stirring. Set to
cool aside.

(4) Blend the dates into a grainy textured paste.

(5) Until well mixed, blitz the sultanas, peanut butter, vanilla and steamed apple, then add
the oats, nuts, dates, cinnamon and chia seeds and blitz again until combined.

(6) Fold in the diced apple, making sure that the whole mixture is uniformly distributed.

(7) Roll in 12 balls and arrange balls on a paper-lined sheet pan with parchment and
refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

(8) Coat it with desiccated coconut and put them in the refrigerator to set.

Serving: 12 balls

Ready for: 30 minutes

Recipe Type: Snack, Finger Food

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